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Month: September 2015

Goodnight Hapatoni for 2015 – Preveza 28th Aug – 2nd Sept 2015

Goodnight Hapatoni for 2015 – Preveza 28th Aug – 2nd Sept 2015

We set sail early morning on our last trip for the season to Preveza, unfortunately the sea was a mill pond and the breeze was just a whisper, so no sailing. As we headed into the Lavkas canal we speeded up hoping to make the 11am lifting of the bridge, but the bridge waits for no man or boat and a 100 yards is as good as a mile, so we anchored up in Levkas town and had a an early lunch. After passing through the canal with such hope we raised the sails as the wind had increased, however right in the direction we wanted to travel, but not to be defeated we decided we would try to tack to windwards, so pointing in the direction of the Italian mainland rather than Preveza we relaxed, enjoyed the peace and quiet and sailed off at 4 knots. The wind was determined not to be kind on our last sail day so with our speed dwindling we accepted defeat and headed into Preveza.

We stayed at the Preveza marina until we were lifted on the 1stSept, as it provides water and electric all for the price of 15 euros per night, perfect for winterising the boat and it is a little bit further away from the hustle and bustle of the town quay. It seems to be the done thing as most of our neighbours are also preparing their boats for winter here, now the tasks really begin.

450 - 2015.08 - Preveza

451 - 2015.08 - Preveza








We have been very busy the last few days preparing the boat, with sails to be washed and put away, god they are heavy, ropes and fenders washed, actually everything has to be washed, engine serviced, the list goes on.

Preveza is one of the few towns in which I have found a fish shop, so off I went on day 1 cycling to the shops and stocked up with some lovely fish and Squid (planning to experiment). Preveza is also a more traditional Greek Town rather than a tourist centre.

With our lift complete at Cleopatra Marina and Hapatoni on her stand in Row K96 – this is a very large hard standing with a capacity of around 1,000 boats – we finish our final tasks and head of for one of our last beers in Greece for 2015. The bar is at the entrance to the passage into Prevaeza, the beer is ice cold and there is a glorious breeze cooling down the 37 deg C of the day. Not a bad way to finish a superb summers sailing. Goodnight Hapatoni and farewell Greece for this year.




Sivota on the Island of Levkas 25th to 28th August 2015

Sivota on the Island of Levkas 25th to 28th August 2015

We arrived in Sivota mid morning ready to relax and enjoy our last few days for this summer. Stern mooring has been a little troublesome in the past few days, I have firmly planted myself at the helm and am number one stern moorer, Mark is managing the anchor and lines, but the anchor has refused to dig in on the first few attempts both at Levkas and now in Sivota (I’m starting to wonder if Mark is doing it on purpose, just so I have to stern moor again, giving me more practice). The result of our tooing and froing, trying to get a good hold has been that we have managed to hook the neighbours anchor both times, this is not a big deal out here because of the density of boats and is an hourly occurrence. However, in Sivota we hooked a grumpy, elderly Australian who felt the need to tell anyone who would listen how he now had an anchor sitting on the surface rather than dug in thanks to SOMEONE (casting a disgruntled glare at our boat) pulling it up….he appears to be doing a solo voyage, and I think I understand why.

We retired to our favourite taverna at 4:00 pm for an early evening beer, Marilena the dark haired young waitress smiled at us as though we were regulars, remembering our drinks and bringing olives without being asked…its nice to be back.

3ea9e7aa-e4ec-11e4-_890170bWe have fallen into a routine now we are back in Sivota; starting the day with our morning run, which is a killer as part of the course is up a steep hill, past the smelly goats and its hard work even before 8am in this heat, followed by a swim to cool down all before the day fully starts. Each day we are doing tasks winterising the boat, although most of the key jobs can’t be done until we get to Preveza, like the sails and engine. As you would expect we finished our time in Sivota at our favourite restaurant and had the usual Red Snapper, Greek roast potatoes and a tradional Greek salad (we are not very original as we always have the same here, but it is so good). Mark got given a bottle of 40% Ouzo from the restaurant owner as a farewell (paint stripper I’d call it).