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Month: September 2018

Sivota – 21st to 31st August 2018

Sivota – 21st to 31st August 2018

026 - 2018 - Sivota - 000With Assos off the agenda, we decided to sail west around the outside of Cephalonia, the shortest way to reach the northern tip. We planned to stay the night in one of the small anchorages just passed Fiskardho and then on to Sivota on the Island of Lefkada the next day.

With 43 miles to travel we left bright and early at 7am, it took a good hour just to exit the bay, the sea was calm like a mill pond and initially there was very little wind. But as soon as we cleared the headland on the south western tip of the bay, it started to blow from the north east. We were lucky enough to sail most of the journey, although the wind varied from 5 knots, when the wind was blocked by a mountain range, up to 22 knots with the occasional katabatic blowing off those same mountains, thrown in for good luck. Up and down like a whores draws, as Mark would say. This didn’t seem to bother Mark who was a very happy camper, this was our best day sailing for the summer so far.

We reached the top of Cephalonia around 1pm and made the decision not to anchor off Fiskardho but to continue the extra 12 miles to Sivota. We had only planned to anchor, so that we could time our arrival into Sivota the next day for mid-morning to get the best chance of a space – it is high season and still Italian time.

As we entered the Sivota bay we were amazed, it was 3pm and the quay was pretty empty, and luck was further on our side, our favourite “side to” mooring next to Livotrivi’s bar was empty (photo below is the inside of Livotrivi’s bar). Perfect, we moored up and within a few minutes were over the side having a swim.

139488870_1444727068We decided to stay in Sivota until my parents arrive as there is everything we need here, and our mooring spot is secure for all conditions. As we have said before, it is a pretty village, lots to see and very relaxing, life is easy here.

002 - 2018 - Sivota - 003Sivota has been a surprise this week, we expected it to be busy every night especially with the Italians, but some nights we have had empty restaurant pontoons and spaces on the quay. As the week passed the number of Italian ribs has decreased daily and the number of British boats is beginning to increase again.

We had some weather forecast for a few days mid-stay, mainly rain with a small risk of a thunderstorm. Surprisingly, this is perfect for us to go exploring, as we can leave Hudson in the car if we need to and it won’t be too hot.

So with a car hired, the chandler in Nidri was our first stop, Mark went in to buy some floating mooring lines but came out empty handed, deciding to make the current ones last … a first for Mark.

We then drove to Preveza and enjoyed lunch on the town quay, which was very busy. The new marina was pretty full considering they are charging 59 euro’s a night and it is still not finished. Refuelled we drove to the other side of Preveza to see the Roman ruins, the Nicopolis from the days of Octavian 31BC following the battle with Anthony and Cleopatra (yes, research for Mark’s book).

026 - 2018 - Sivota - 001Our time here has passed very quickly with the usual activities and social events, I am looking forward to moving to Lefkas in preparation for Mum and Dad arriving on Sunday 2nd September, Hudson is so excited.