Monemvasia (Part 2) – 25th to 29th August 2016

Monemvasia (Part 2) – 25th to 29th August 2016

Thursday 25th saw the departure of Charlotte on the 7am bus and the arrival of 3 days of strong winds. The last few days, our routine has gone out the window, my planned 7am runs forgotten, as we have had three very windy nights, so windy it totally disrupted our sleep. The gusts reached 40 plus knots in the early hours of Friday morning and never dropping below 30 knots, the boat is totally secure, so we are completely safe, it is just the impact on your sleep. Mark has put on extra lines and our springs to reduce the impact, but you really felt those 40 knot gusts on the beam. The winds have blown all night and most of the day, only calming down for a few hours late afternoon, before they start again late evening.

Sunday afternoon, should be the last of the strong winds, calming down to force 3/4 (a welcome change from the 7 and 8’s we have had). We plan to let the seas calm down on the Sunday and fingers crossed, set sail on Monday around mid-day, getting into Crete before the next batch of strong winds arrive next Thursday (Alice who is already in Crete, has advised there are more winds due next week).61 - 2016 Aug - Monemvasia- 22We feel in a state of limbo at the moment, with not much to do, just the standard washing, cleaning and shopping, so each day we take Hudson out for a long walk. Thursday heading out of town to see the waves crashing on to the beach, reminding us a little of back home, and on Friday we ventured back up to the lower old town had a fresh orange juice and walked back. It is great having company to help pass the time here, Friday evening we met up with Tina and Tim for the customary 6pm beer, which got extended to a few beers and a Gyros, all being happy to be off the boats.61 - 2016 Aug - Monemvasia- 23Saturday 27th, we had hoped to hire a car for today and go exploring to visit Olympia, unfortunately there is only one car Hire Company in the town and no spare cars. It is a shame as it would have been great to go inland for a change and see some sights.  So after catching up with our sleep and doing the domestics, we stocked up with drinking water and food supplies for the trip across and the next few days. There is no activity in the marina with the weather, so its pretty quiet all round.

Sunday 28th, Mark has been a hive of activity today starting the preparations for leaving the boat in 2 weeks, with ropes being washed, the dinghy cleaned, Watermaker pickled, outboard winterised and stuff put away. With the winds calming, we have had a change over off boats in the marina and apparently the largest sailing boat in the world visited the bay, one of the Star Clipper fleet.61 - 2016 Aug - Monemvasia- 21On our last night we will walk Hudson to the village, and had dinner onboard with an early night, ready for our departure tomorrow. We are ready for a change of scenery, Crete here we come.

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