Wreck Cove Again 23rd to 24th June 2017

Wreck Cove Again 23rd to 24th June 2017

025 - 2017 - Wreck Cove - 00We set off early for Wreck Cove on a windless day with temperatures heading rapidly towards the top end of the 30’s … phew!! We arrived at mid-day hoping that the prime spot at the head of the bay would be free and were initially a little disappointed to find a German registered boat in our cove, but as we came further in, it was apparent that they had anchored a fair way off the prime position. On the first attempt to anchor, Mark tried to drop the hook in Turkey, letting out 100 metres of chain and quite a bit of rope attached to it … probably a little too much with winds not set to go over 10 knots, don’t you think? On the second attempt, with a careful eye on the just submerged rocks on our port side (maybe that’s why its called wreck cove), we dropped anchor and long-lined ashore right at the top of the bay , once more back in those pristine, aquamarine, translucent waters – I cant think off any more superlatives or I would have added them.021 - 2017 - Wreck Cove - 02Two seconds later, Mark was off the back, all boat prep forgotten as he took a much needed coooooling swim. Being the practical (not sure that’s the right word) one I was left to open up the windows and collect the beach towels before I could get in and join him. The Germans obviously did not appreciate us invading their cove so promptly up anchored and left.

021 - 2017 - Wreck Cove - 08

However, our isolation was short lived as a motor boat with a Greek family (Parents and two girls) arrived mid-afternoon for a late lunch and swim, they splashed around for an hour or so and then water skied of the back of their dinghy, Mark was a little envious I believe. A group of teenagers from Athens in their dad’s very expensive sleek black rib, with twin 400hp inboards joined later, and the afternoon passed delightfully and not too noisily considering the number of 20 something’s in the bay. Predictably, the motor boats left late afternoon and Wreck Cove was once more left to Hapatoni and the crickets. As dusk descended the faintest of breezes just penetrated into the cove, more of a whisper really, but still very much appreciated.

We had planned to stay two nights at Wreck Cove, then move onto Póros and for once the weather was in our favour, perfect for another couple of nights at anchor.  However, following a phone call from Tina on Shiraz to let us know they were joining Alice and Christine on Spirit 3 on anchor in Órmos Neorion Bay, 15 miles from us, we decided it would be nice to catch up before we head home for the summer and probably our last chance to do so. So (with much sobbing and a tearful goodbye) we left Wreck Cove on Saturday morning for the last time this summer, heading to Póros to join our friends for a BBQ and boules on the beach.

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