Póros Town – 26th to 28th June 2017

Póros Town – 26th to 28th June 2017

027 - 2017 - Poros - 00Following an early morning swim we all departed Neorion bay, Spirit 3 and Shiraz heading north to Aegina and Roger and Sisca on Waterval joining us on the town quay in Póros for a couple of days. Roger and Sisca are from the Netherlands and Roger is a retired eye surgeon who can’t quite manage to put his scalpel down, so occasionally helps out in his old surgery when they return home at the end of the summer.

We stern moored on the north quay, which unfortunately is prone to more ferry wash than our previous mooring on the western side of the town. The ferries are very frequent at this time of year commuting the ½ mile from the mainland … and Poros is a very popular destination. We were tempted to move but it is only two days and we have power and water and the main supermarket is 30 metres away. One of my main objectives in Póros was to get all the boring tasks done, washing all the bedding and towels in anticipation off our return home and to stock up on heavy supplies ready for our return in September.

You really notice the difference in temperature when you are on the quayside, which is now around 38 degrees daily and forecast to go up into the 40’s this coming weekend. The concrete roads and buildings of Poros amplify these temperatures even further making it very difficult to do anything constructive. We have decided, all stops from now on MUST be on anchor or have a swimming spot nearby.027 - 2017 - Poros - 01We joined Sisca and Roger for dinner on Monday night at the Poseidon restaurant, they have eaten here many times and the wife of the owner is Dutch, so the rest of the family who are Greek, can also converse fluently in Dutch with Roger and Sisca. Fish is particularly recommended (well it is called Poseidon), Mark and I eyed up a massive red snapper which was aching to end up, simply grilled on our plate …. but as it would have fed four (maybe more) and cost 130 euros we decided to be sensible and opted for a couple of delicious sea bass fillets and a starter of Calamari.027 - 2017 - Poros - 02The evening concluded with a performance of some energetic and authentic Greek dancing (remember it is still 30 deg), you would have had to pay us a lot of money to perform in that heat, high kicks and back flips plus the traditional Zorba the Greek dance. None the less, Sisca and I were encouraged (dragged) onto the dance floor (the men hid) and Mark said we both did a passable attempt at following the lead dancer, kicking out our legs and bending at the knees at roughly the right times.027 - 2017 - Poros - 03The next day was so hot we basically did nothing until late in the afternoon when we did manage to “drip” our way round the corner of the quay in search of a breeze, but there was none, so had to settle for an ice cold beer and a game of cards instead. We arrived back at Hapatoni in the early evening to be greeted by a hot and stuffy boat, all our covers (Sprayhood and bimini) are dark blue so the heat is absorbed and radiated down into the boat and with no air movement, the inside was too hot to sleep comfortably (NOTE: Next time we have covers made, make them beige). Mark slept outside to try to capture a bit of the evening coolness and he wasn’t on his own, as a lot of the neighbouring boats had bodies littered around their decks all trying to get a bit of shuteye in this heat.

Waterval and Hapatoni both left the next morning at 9:00, going in different directions, us north to Vathi and a swim, Waterval south to Ermioni.

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