Gaios on the Island of Paxos – 1st to 5th Junes 2019

Gaios on the Island of Paxos – 1st to 5th Junes 2019

013 - 2019 Summer - Gaios 000Following a short hop from Lakka, we arrived in Gaios at 9.30am and to our amazement our corner spot (the same spot we stayed at in April) was vacant. You park ‘side-on’ to the quay, so no anchor is required, perfect in Gaios as the town is known for crossed anchor chains due to the angle of the quay and also for charter boats that cannot moor. Below is a good example of crossed anchors.

013 - 2019 Summer - Gaios 002aGaios was certainly a lot different from when we were there in April, all the bars, restaurants and shops were now open and surprisingly, the town quay was full every night with boats, so with the addition of the daily tripper boats, the town was buzzing with activity and life.

013 - 2019 Summer - Gaios 001aFor our first night in Gaios Mark had no choice, we had to go to my favourite restaurant on the island, the Taverna Taka Taka for their famous pork spit roast. It again lived up to its reputation and surprise surprise we had pre-dinner drinks at Mark’s favourite bar. Sorry we are not very original with our selections of restaurants and hostelries.

004 - 2019 Summer - Gaios 016aWe had hoped the weather had finally turned, but on Monday we woke to the sound of thunder and heavy rain … again. Fortunately, we were secure in our mooring and cosy below decks. It rained all day, with a short respite in the early evening, I thought this was supposed to be sunny Greece and it is June. Tuesday improved slightly, the rain stopped, but the clouds were threatening and it was chilly but at least we were able to take Hudson out for a long walk. However, due to the poor weather we decided to delay our departure till Wednesday morning as the big yellow thing was forecast to make an appearance and it would make the eight-hour trip much more pleasant.

The only issue with our corner mooring spot, is that it is very easy to get boxed in and this visit was no exception. A German charter yacht decided to squeeze in the small space next to us and as the tripper boats were parked directly in front, rather than wait or go somewhere else, he dropped his anchor next to the tripper boat. The net result was that he only had a few metres of chain out, luckily there was no wind or he would have been pushing hard on us. We woke early, planning to leave at 6:00 am, there was no wind and the sea was like glass so Mark manoeuvred  us out of our corner with no trouble, although he did use the bow thruster more than he probably needed to, they can be quite noisy next to your hull early in the  morning … particularly if you are Germans who have squeezed into too small a space and annoyed your British neighbours.

013 - 2019 Summer - Gaios 003aMy favorite boat, reminds me of Mickey Mouse.

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