Kioni – 20th to 24th June 2019

Kioni – 20th to 24th June 2019

019 - 2019 Summer - Kioni 000We have a few days to pass before the arrival of our friends Keith and Tracy on the 25th June, they have just sold their own boat, a 50 ft Beneteau called Ammoniate.

The temperature is hot, in the mid-30’s and we have chosen to relax in Kioni, one of our favourite places. We arrived at about 10:30 and were able to get our preferred mooring spot at the end of the quay near the Calypso restaurant.  We spent the next four days relaxing and swimming (a lot) in order to cool down. There is also a very pleasant and much needed afternoon breeze which blows over the hills and down the bay.

019 - 2019 Summer - Kioni 006aSpit roast was being served in our favourite restaurant, so guess where we ate two out of the four nights that we stayed here?

019 - 2019 Summer - Kioni 002aBecause of the shape of the town quay, you always have a few crossed anchors, which is why we like to be at the end of the row. However, this time we had an obnoxious Rhodesian captain with two English passengers in a run-down boat, who decided to squeeze into a space two boats down. He rammed himself in with no regard to his neighbours’ boats. He then continued to moan for the rest of the day. Our English neighbour was concerned his anchor was not dug in, so whilst pulling his own anchor chain in (as is his right) he got a mouthful of abuse from the Rhodesian. I have never met such an unpleasant man.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALater that day the Rhodesian had to reset his anchor and what a disaster. Firstly, with strong winds blowing on his beam he caught next doors chain under his rudder, the Rhodesian had no clue what to do so just stood around shouting, whilst their boat started heading towards our anchor chain. Mark saw that no one was doing anything, so he jumped into the water and pulled the chain from their rudder … only for their anchor to then hook on their neighbour’s chain. Again, Mark had to save the day, borrowing a neighbour’s dinghy and rowing over to set them free.  The hero of the day. Thankfully they took the hint that they were not welcome and disappeared over the horizon.

019 - 2019 Summer - Kioni 005aSunday 23rd June – Happy Birthday to my Dad.

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