Eufemia – 24th to 26th June 2019

Eufemia – 24th to 26th June 2019

020 - 2019 Summer - Eufimia 000After a relaxing few days in Kioni, we left early at 7:45am travelling the 16 miles south to the windy village of Eufemia on the south east coast of Cephalonia. I was keen to get parked on the town quay early as the village is popular with the flotillas. We also wanted to avoid the strong afternoon breeze which blows down the valley off the mountains, making mooring a real challenge.

The harbour master is always very vocal, he directs you to your spot and likes to shout directions. He is not impressed if you do not follow his instructions … as the boat two doors down found out when he tried to re-set his anchor late in the afternoon, with 25 knots blowing on his beam, nearly taking out his next two neighbours anchors.

020 - 2019 Summer - Eufimia 004aFortunately, there was plenty of space on the town quay. We decided to get there the day before Keith and Tracy were due so that I could do the washing and we could clean the boat.  With our tasks completed, we took Hudson for a walk and retired to the boat for supper on-board and a quiet night, the calm before the storm.

020 - 2019 Summer - Eufimia 001aKeith and Tracy’s flight landed on-time and they were with us by 12:15, in-time for lunch. The afternoon passed quickly with lots of beer, shopping and a cooling swim, the weather was the opposite to yesterday, with no wind … very very hot. Unfortunately, Keith had done something to his back and was in severe pain, so, a visit to the doctor was needed. The doctor prescribed an anti-inflammatory/pain relief injection and suggested that, as we were not staying in Eufemia, Tracy should administer it for the next few days. Within an hour and with two mojitos downed, Keith started to feel better but not wanting to aggravate Keith’s condition, we adjusted our route to go to Sivota for a couple of days, avoiding the use of the dinghy while Keith recovered.

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