Keith & Tracy in the Ionian – 26th June to 3rd July 2019

Keith & Tracy in the Ionian – 26th June to 3rd July 2019

As we will be re-visiting places that we have already described in great detail earlier in the blog, we have decided to present our friends Keith and Tracy visit as a picture album for a change.

Sivota 26th – 28th June

021 - 2019 Summer - Sivota 001aThe gang at the 12 Gods bar for Happy Hour. Keith has had his pain relief injection for his back, so we are all smiles.

Kastos 28th to 30th June

022 - 2019 Summer - Kastos 001a

The view from Alex’s Bar – a heavy night ahead.

022 - 2019 Summer - Kastos 003aMark helping out “boring” Mike (He wouldn’t stop talking about himself …. on and on and on and on), a  single-handed sailor, having trouble getting his ropes ashore to long-line.

022 - 2019 Summer - One House Bay 002aStopped for a swim at One-House Bay, named One-House bay as there is only one house and a little church on the Island.

Kioni 30th June

023 - 2019 Summer - Kioni 002 (1)a

The Quay at Kioni – its getting busier

019 - 2019 Summer - Kioni 001aThe boys cooling off

Kioni DC1 aCoffee break

023 - 2019 Summer - Kioni 002 (2)aHappy Birthday Tracy

Meganissi 1st July  

024 - 2019 Summer - Meganisi 001a

Hudson’s Taxi ride … I hope Tracy realises he can’t pay and will definitely do a runner.

025 - 2019 Summer - Stenon Meganisiou 001aStenon Beach – Breakfast stop on the way to Nidri

Iris Hotel pontoon Nidri 2nd – 3rd July

026 - 2019 Summer - Vlikho 001a

Splashing about in the pool, trying to keep cool

A fantastic week, Bye Bye Keith and Tracy


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