Chris & Mary – 5th to 12th July 2019

Chris & Mary – 5th to 12th July 2019

033 - 2019 Summer - Sami 000Welcome back Chris and Mary, braving Hapatoni for their second year afloat in Greece. The Ryan Air flight from Stanstead landed on-time and after a 45-minute taxi ride, they joined us in  Sami at 21:30 for a beer on the back of the boat. We planned to show them three beautiful villages that they had not seen last year, in addition to our absolute favourite, Sivota … four different islands. The map shows our passage at the end of the week.

Kioni – 6th July028 - 2019 Summer - Kioni 001a

Pretty Kioni

028 - 2019 Summer - Kioni 006aIn our favourite bar on the first floor of El Plo, overlooking the bay. It’s always entertaining watching the charter boats messing up their mooring.

028 - 2019 Summer - Kioni 004aA pretty little pebble beach, a few kilometres outside Kioni and at the end of Hudson’s dog walk. The graveyard provides your dearly departed with a wonderful view of the ocean.

Kastos – 7th to 9th July029 - 2019 Summer - One House Bay 003a

Chris and Mary cooling off in One-House Bay en route to Kastos.029 - 2019 Summer - One House Bay 001a

Debs also taking a dip in One-House Bay. Bet you can’t guess how it got its name.029 - 2019 Summer - One House Bay 004a

Hudson thinks its all too much activity for this time of day030 - 2019 Summer - Kastos 001The windmill bar in Kastos

Iris Hotel in Nidri – 9th to 11th July

031 - 2019 Summer - Iris Hotel 004The only place to be when it is 38 degrees

031 - 2019 Summer - Iris Hotel 003Ready for a night out in party central, Nidri

031 - 2019 Summer - Iris Hotel 001aGyros for four in Nidri, no expense spared. Total bill, less than 20 euros for all of us (Including wine and beer).

031 - 2019 Summer - Iris Hotel 005The boys after a few beers.

Sivota – 11th July

028 - 2019 Summer - Kioni 002aMark serenading the neighbourhood. Funny how everyone seems to have deserted the pontoon !!

Sami – 12th July027 - 2019 Summer - Sami 001a

After a lovely week with great weather, visiting all our favourite places, we say goodbye to Chris and Mary.

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