Iris Pontoon Nidri – 22nd to 28th July 2019

Iris Pontoon Nidri – 22nd to 28th July 2019

035 - 2019 Summer - Iris Hotel 000We now have only just over a week to go and all three of us are looking forward to going home, hoping for cooler weather and to see family, friends and our home and garden. The diary for August is now filling up with family visits and social events.

035 - 2019 Summer - Iris Hotel 001aThe boys enjoying an Ice Cream, well Hudson’s hoping.

The weather is exceptionally hot again, up in the late 30’s and early 40’s. Walking through Nidri on Tuesday whilst on route to my pedicure, (standards have to be kept up) the thermostat on one of the shops was showing 41 degrees and even at 10 pm in the evening it still showed 34 degrees below decks. We have started to spend the afternoons in the shade by the Hotel Iris pool, it’s definitely the coolest place and you can dip into the pool to stop yourself being baked alive.

035 - 2019 Summer - Iris Hotel 003aNidri Town quay – The tripper boats getting ready for the off

Boat tasks are proceeding well, the sails are washed, the mainsail is off and stowed below, the ropes are washed and smelling sweet of washing powder and everything that can be flat packed has been. The final jobs will be done when we get to Preveza just before we are lifted, so now we can just relax and not move too much.

On Wednesday 24th we met up with the old gang, Tina and Tim drove over and Alice with her two friends Joe and Katie were moored overnight in Tranquil bay.  They were competing at the quiz night in the Tea Tree bar. Mark and I decided not to join the quiz, it’s not our cup of tea really. Nonetheless it was a very pleasant evening catching up, and the guys surprised themselves by not coming last in the quiz, so they were happy.

The rest of the week passed in a haze of heat, swimming and socialising with Justin and Joanne and their little doggie Teddie, whom we met a few years ago in Vathi on the Peloponnese. They work for Sailing holidays during the winter in Corfu and also help out in the summer, so they often pop into the Iris. We also met Karen and Dave from yacht Astraea, who have been at the Iris for our last few visits, so we have got to know them quite well. We all meet at the pool bar about 5pm for beer O’clock.

035 - 2019 Summer - Iris Hotel 004aWith our time in Greece now coming to an end, we are ready to move onto Preveza tomorrow Sunday 28th. We have 2 nights on the quay then Hapatoni will be lifted early on the 30th July. We plan to spend our last 2 nights (well more like one and a half as we must leave early for the airport) in a hotel in Preveza with air conditioning as the boatyard will be just too hot and its easier with Hudson.

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